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New Arrival:

Organic Honduras

Mississippi Mud Coffee Limited Release 10 ounce bag of organic Honduran coffee, medium roast
Limited Release Organic Honduras Medium Roast

Big flavor and no bitterness, that’s what to expect with this limited release Honduran coffee. First impressions include a prominent almond note and a subtle sweetness, along with hints of chocolate and a cinnamon aroma…

Love a great Espresso?

So do we!

We keep playing with this stuff, a little of this, a little of that, a little more heat on the beans, maybe a little less… Next thing you know, you’ve got a great lineup! Needless to say, we’re pretty hyped. Come check it out!

Helping Farmers Thrive

Mississippi Mud Coffee is proud to partner with Thrive Farmers International, whose innovative and supply-chain-disrupting business model ensures that coffee farmers are given higher, more predictable and stable pricing for their work, empowering and enabling farmers to flourish and continually create even better products. 

Our success depends on those who farm our primary ingredient.

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Quality beans = great taste!
Zero Carbon Roasting
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Killer crema! That’s the first thing you notice when pulling shots with this darkest of our dark roast espressos, followed by its sweet aroma. But the best is yet to come! Our Italian Roast Espresso delivers a full-bodied, toasty, rich, nutty flavor that’s sure to delight. Eager to take your espresso machine (and your taste buds!) on a wild ride? Here’s your chance…

2 pound bag of Mississippi Mud Coffee Costa Rica Medium Roast

Costa Rican Delight

Welcome a new addition to our lineup of single-origin coffees! Our medium roast Costa Rica has a smooth, sweet flavor, with nutty and chocolate accents, making it an excellent drink-it-every-day brew. As always, it’s roasted on demand, hand-signed and dated, and shipped FRESH to your door.

Absolutely love this coffee! Very bold flavor but also smooth. Drink it black to really enjoy the flavor. Roasted and shipped the same day. Received within 24 hrs. So fresh. Could not be more happy!

B. pepper, via amazon


What makes Mississippi Mud
taste so good?

We’re convinced that there’s simply no beating FRESH coffee, so we specialize in reducing the time between production and delivery, maintaining a streamlined workflow from order to roasting to packaging to shipping. Everything is roasted in small batches and on demand as far as possible. This along with our commitment to use only high quality beans is the essence of our approach as roasters.

From the time I opened the bag, I knew it would be good. The rich aroma of this coffee presaged the full bodied flavor and complex composition I would enjoy from this cup. This is a fine addition to any coffee connoisseur’s collection or as a stand alone favorite.

J. Odom, via amazon

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