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New Releases!


Blues City

Went back to our roots with this one. Blues City is our tribute to St. Louis, the city of our birth and still our beloved home, with a kind of soulful, bighearted flavor that (if we may say so) fits this city like a glove: vibrant, varied, earthbound richness with a subtle bourbon twang.

Sierra Negra Espresso

Pan for coffee gold long enough and sooner or later you’re bound to find a keeper, but very rarely does one come across a nugget quite like this! Our dark roasted, Ethiopian-based Sierra Negra is a full-blown overachiever on espresso machines, with an amazingly rich crema, a sweet aroma, gorgeous color (call it a sultry bronze), and, most importantly, a full-bodied, exceptionally well-balanced flavor.

Up All Night

Buckle up. This is coffee that satisfies not only with BIG flavor but with a bold dose of Vietnamese robusta beans, giving it an extra, all-natural caffeine boost. Our Up All Night dark roast is the perfect companion when you’re in it for the long haul. Think of it as a tender loving slap in the face.

LIMITED RELEASE: Nicaragua, Nueva Segovia (Esteli, Madriz)

Every once in a while we come across a coffee that we simply MUST share with our customers — for the sheer joy of it! That is certainly the case with this flavorful, medium roast, washed process coffee from the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua, and we’re delighted to offer it exclusively here on our website for a limited time, while supplies last (when it’s gone, it’s gone!)