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Caring for Our Planet

Helping Farmers Thrive

Mississippi Mud Coffee is proud to partner wth Thrive Farmers International on a growing number of our coffee products. Thanks to Thrive’s innovative and industry-disruptive revenue sharing model, coffee farmers, who are the very bedrock of the supply chain for the coffee industry, are given higher, more predictable and stable pricing for their work, empowering and enabling farmers to flourish and continually create even better products. What better way to acknowledge the invaluable impact of these hardworking individuals and families! After all, that outstanding cup of coffee we all look forward to every day wouldn’t be possible without them. Look for the “Farmer Direct” badge on a growing number of products here on our website, and thanks for joining the movement. Here’s to the prosperity of our hardworking partners!

100% Compostable Coffee Pods

Over 12 billion traditional coffee pods are added to landfills every year, and there are already enough plastic pods in landfills to circle the earth 12 times. Plus, those pods contain materials that take hundreds of years to degrade. But let’s face it, nothing beats the convenience of a pod brewer. So, here’s to a new approach! Mississippi Mud Coffee is proud to partner with GreenPod Coffee in producing pods that are 100% compostable, plastic free, and compatible with all coffee pod and K-Cup® brewers. Even those parts of the pod that feel like plastic are actually made of renewable bioresins, coffee chaff and other compostable materials. Every pod is packed with Mississippi Mud small-batch, zero-carbon roasted coffee—in fact, with up to 40% more coffee than traditional pods—and each one is precision engineered to deliver perfect extraction and outstanding flavor every time. As our friends at GreenPod say, it’s convenience with a conscience. 😊

Zero-Carbon Roasting

Dominated by traditional, fire-based roasting methods, the coffee industry produces millions of pounds of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions every year. Mississippi Mud Coffee works to reduce our footprint by utilizing state-of-the-art, air-based roasting equipment that incinerates exhaust smoke, thus eliminating carbon emissions from the roasting process while maintaining quality and consistency across our entire product line. We do this for every single product we make, from our whole bean coffees to our grab-and-go cold brew beverages to our 100% compostable coffee pods. This saves tens of thousands of pounds of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions each year, helping preserve our planet’s atmosphere and living environments, and giving our customers another reason to celebrate and enjoy their favorite brews.

Caring for Our Rivers

We’re thrilled to support the vital work of Missouri River Relief, a nonprofit whose efforts are a major benefit to the entire St. Louis region and beyond, organizing and engaging thousands of volunteers in river restoration, recreation and care.

The Missouri River Relief’s mission is to engage individuals and communities along the Missouri River in the exploration, enjoyment, restoration and care of the river through hands-on river cleanups, education programs and recreation. Click here to learn how you can get involved with the Missouri River Relief’s exciting work. And be sure to keep an eye out for Mississippi Mud Coffee at the organization’s next event!

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