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about us

Inspired by

For us, great coffee is more than a passion, it’s a joy, and it’s our mission to share that joy with you. We do that by providing coffee beans and beverages that are always fresh, flavorful and sustainably produced.

100% organic,
roasted to perfection.
With love.

the short of it

Mississippi Mud Coffee is a St. Louis-based wholesale production company specializing in organic coffees and cafe inspired beverages. But there’s more to the story…

what drives us

Coffee is our craft, our ritual, our passion.

We roast coffee for the very same reason you drink it: Because we love it. Nothing is more important to us than sharing with you the joy of a perfect cup of coffee, time after time. Bold flavors roasted to perfection and never bitter.

our story

It began 17 years ago,
on the banks of the Mississippi River...

Small batch roasting has been our bread and butter from day one, and we continue that tradition with the same, singular aim: create exceptionally fresh and flavorful coffee. That simple aim remains our highest priority and the secret to our success. How do we do it? Glad you asked!

Tender Loving Care – There are no shortcuts here. Careful attention to roast profiles and blend ratios helps unlock the flavor of our beans. Understanding how each bean responds differently to variables of time and temperature is key to producing coffee that delivers on the promise of its rich aroma.

All Organic, All the Time – We take pride in producing roasted coffee beans that are 100% organic, which helps to remove pesticides, artificial fertilizers and other potentially harmful chemicals from your brew and the environment. Better for you, better for the planet — it’s a win-win every time.

Carbon Neutral Roasting – We’re proud to utilize state-of-the-art, carbon-neutral roasting technology, saving thousands of pounds of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions each year, helping preserve our planet’s atmosphere and living environments.

Freshness = Flavor – We specialize in ensuring the freshness of our product because we know that fresh coffee delivers maximum flavor. Tying supply to demand is the name of the game, working exclusively with newly harvested beans, roasted on demand and delivered to market as quickly as possible.

far and wide

We source coffee from all over the world

We work exclusively with top tier importers to ensure fair wages, premium quality and a rich variety of flavors from around the globe. Brazil, Kenya, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia, Sumatra — every sip is the culmination of a long journey and many labors of love, and we’re humbled to play a part in sharing it with you.